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With all the demands of life, get back to the basics and enjoy the freedom of flight. With a new modern aircraft and experienced, quality flight instructors we can guide you through your adventure of aerobatics, tailwheel training, advanced handling or those first precious hours of learning to fly.

Our powerful Citabria is a New Zealand one of a kind and is perfectly suited to the rigours of aerobatics or a comfortable cruise around Auckland and the Coromandel on a summers evening.

So sit back relax, take a tour of our site and Explore the possibilities.

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Since you have come this far, why not take the next step and come for a flight?

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"To many people, learning to fly a tailwheel airplane makes little or no sense since the tailwheel harkens back to a time somewhere back in the dark ages. If they don’t see a reason for it, that’s fine, no one is forcing it on them.

However, if you don’t fly a tailwheel airplane, there are a huge number of absolutely wonderful flying machines you will never get to know. A Staggerwing Beech will be forever beyond your grasp, as will the unbelievable performance of Pitts Specials and Sukhois and Extras. You’ll never know the peculiar little whisper that comes from a Champ’s landing gear as it brushes through the tops of the grass for an instant just before it touches down.

You will, in point of fact, be shut out from the first half of general aviation’s life and will miss some of aviation’s most interesting flying machines. "

Budd Davisson

Happy Landings !


Time spent flying is NOT subtracted from your lifespan!

David Higdon / Uncontrolled Airspace Podcast